Press Coverage

February 2019

  • New Study Finds Electric Vehicles Could Help Nevada Economy in Multiple Ways
    Channel 2 News Reno, Nevada - February 1, 2019
    The station ran this story covering electric cars and the Nevada economy interviewing Matt Frommer, Senior Transportation Associate at SWEEP, about the growing popularity of EVs and the gas and maintenance cost savings realized by EV owners. Also noted is the increasing affordability given available tax credits and the lower cost of lithium ion batteries. This broadcast preceded today’s Nevada Electric Transportation Forum being held in Reno from 8:00 am 1:30 pm PST. To watch the livestream event go to the SWEEP Events page and follow the link.

January 2019

  • The 2018 IECC is Fair to the Solar Industry
    Code Watcher - January 16, 2019
    The online publication picked up the blog from SWEEP's Jim Meyers. "Solar energy and efficiency are not the same thing, and cannot be traded off one-for-one. There are technical reasons why a house with solar PV needs different insulation levels than a house without it. The latest model energy code, the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), was widely developed, agreed to, and supported by the homebuilders, the solar industry, and local building officials in a lengthy and inclusive process. The IECC works as a kind of clean energy ecosystem, where changing just one small item can unbalance the rest of the system."
  • Environmentalists are demanding aggressive action on climate change. How far will Colorado Democrats go?
    Colorado Sun - January 2, 2019
    Climate change is emerging as the top legislative priority on the political left, where environmental advocates and Democratic lawmakers are hoping to turn Colorado’s blue wave into a green one. So while low prices of clean energy have gotten most of the credit for reducing Colorado’s electrical emissions, gains in energy efficiency have been the bigger driver of emission reductions since 2008, according to SWEEP’s analysis of energy usage data.